< 2016>
-Released the album “Shogyoumujou” with his Progressive Rock band “Da Zai”
-Soundtrack for short documentary “O Vazio do Expresso” 
-Soundtrack and live performance for dance-play “Listo para amar” in São Paulo 
-Guitar playing for vinyl single “Analog Human” of Japanese Hip-hop artist “Phooky” 
-Translation and liner notes contribution for the album “Xênia” of  “Xênia França” by Think! Records 

-Sound design for individual exhibition of Japanese visual artist Yumi Arai in Tokyo @Niji-garo
-Sound design for the individual exhibition of visual artist Anais-Karenin in Tokyo @High Pop gallery 
-Sound design for art installation of Anais-Karenin & Alexandre Frucollin in São Paulo @gop-tun 
-Soundtrack of guitar piece for play “Tragédia” of “Grupo Quatroloscinco” with composer Barulhista 
- Worked as am apprentice in the studio of the film composer “Gui Amabis” in his private studio and learned the basic of and the use of Pro Tools and the creation of soundtracks for series/movies 
-Released the first EP “Oto No Kioku” 
-Soundtrack for Brazilian movie “Babelon” of Leon Berbero
-Sound design for video-art "O GRANDE SOM" of Anais-Karenin
-Contribution of sound design for the meditation APP “SpatialBliss”
-Liner notes contribution for the album “Travesseiro Feliz” of  “Ricardo Richard” by Unimusic 
-Released the first album “Between” by La Petite Chambre Records 

-Soundtrack for “A Story of A House” of Studio Gross (TRANSFER Architecture Video Award Nominated)  
-Soundtrack for performance video “Many ways to be born” of Anais-karenin (TOTAN Gallery)
-Sound collaboration for art installation “(Un)Visual Latency” of Anais-karenin @Uradana
-Guitar performance for “Encontro nas Ondas” 
-Happo-cho 半農半X Project recidency@Akita prefecture

-Guitar recording for the upcoming album of Andras Atlason
-Release of the 2nd album “The Sound of Living Things” by ROHS! Records

Murakami makes countless performances as a guitarist in Brazil and Japan since 2015 and collaborates with numerous sound work recordings for art projects, video art, art installation, performance art, and soundtrack for movies and documentaries.