___ 2020 Album released by La Petite Chambre Records___

The album was made in an exchange between the essence of Japanese culture and the influences of Brazilian music, configured in a subjective way, and in the form of ambient sound. “Between” is the translation of the Japanese concept 間 (“Ma”), which also means an empty space. The interstice between two things, an interval where infinite connections can happen.

Based on this concept, the album was divided into two parts, connecting with other artistic languages. The first (tracks 1 to 4) expresses openness, breadth, with music inspired by the video art landscapes of the artist Anais-karenin. The second (tracks 5 to 7) communicates introspection, the inner side, with sounds based on poetry written by Tatsuro Murakami.

All songs were recorded and mixed by Tatsuro Murakami in his home studio in São Paulo, Brazil.
Mastering by Chihei Hatakeyama.

Poems by Tatsuro Murakami.
Translation by Kotomi Penagos.
Videos and cover photo by Anais-karenin.